In May this year we started a gardening club. This group of volunteers give an hour of their time on a Wednesday between 10 and 11 o’clock. It is amazing what a group of people giving up just an hour can achieve. Why don’t you join us? Just turn up and come as often as your circumstances allow. You will also have the opportunity of wearing one of our snazzy hi-viz vests generously donated by a member of the public.

Along the Tennis court fence is our wild flower garden. It is not looking its best at the moment but it did look beautiful in June/July. The heavy winds and rain have taken their toll on this part of the park but we must leave the flowers in place so that they produce seeds thus giving us another lovely sight next year.

This autumn we will be putting more top soil on the wild flower bed, hopefully this will help the flowers to withstand heavy winds and last longer during the next flowering season.

The raised beds also got affected but this time it was the beating sun.

We lost some plants due to theft and someone took the flowering heads off the poppies so we are unlikely to see them again. The sad thing is that they were not ‘ripe’, so whoever took them is unlikely to have a flower season next year. If you want some seeds text the number below and we will harvest them for you.

We aim to put more grasses in the raised beds this year along with some colour. So when you are thinning out your grasses please do not throw away your surplus; text 07860 820154 and we will arrange to collect them or meet you in the park to take them off your hands.

We have put some Petunia, Iris, Marigolds, and other plants around the park so come the autumn they should come to life and will flower well into spring. These are along the long side of the tennis courts.

Outside the Roost we have made a nice display all of which should self-seed and give us a lovely show next year.

The flower tubs in the playground, generously part sponsored by The Chislehurst Society, are a great success. I think you will agree that they provide a nice colourful display. We managed to provide colour though out the year, so here is hoping that this year is no exception. The flower tubs along the pathway look fabulous too, despite getting off to a shaky start with a few people trying to spoil the enjoyment of the many. Hopefully we will be able to provide colour throughout the year.

Mai Bunce, FOCRG gardening co-ordinator