Walden Woods & Bushell Way

We became aware in the late Autumn 2015 of a proposal to develop an area off Bushell Way, Chislehurst to include Walden Woods so that a new primary school could be built.

Walden Woods is not only a popular area for recreation, it is an area of great biodiversity and only a couple of years was subject to significant woodland management by the Forestry Commission.  The Friends are anxious to protect our woodland and wrote accordingly to Bromley Council and to our Ward Councillors.  We attended a meeting with LBB Planning Department and our Ward Councillors on 26th January 2016 to express our views.  We were subsequently pleased to see in the Draft Local Plan December 2016 that the size earmarked for the possible school site had been significantly reduced from that marked on the map below.  We had saved most of the woods.

We applied for and secured Local Green Space designation for both Recreation Grounds and both woods with the exception of the area earmarked for the possible school site.